CFD là công cụ phức tạp và có nguy cơ mất tiền nhanh chóng do đòn bẩy. 81.4% tài khoản nhà đầu tư bán lẻ bị mất tiền khi giao dịch CFD với nhà cung cấp này. Bạn nên cân nhắc xem bạn có hiểu cách hoạt động của CFD hay không và liệu bạn có đủ khả năng chấp nhận rủi ro mất tiền cao hay không.

Does Pepperstone offer any referral programs, bonuses, or discounts?

We offer two refer a friend programs, depending on whether you're a wholesale client (Pepperstone Pro) or a retail client. Our refer a friend program is aimed at rewarding our clients who invite their friends or family to trade with us. 

For wholesale (Pro) clients: to be eligible for the AUD$1,000 or AUD$2,000*, your referral must meet the following criteria; the referral funds their account with more than AUD$5,000 and trades at least 50 FX, 100 Commodities or 500 Index lots. 

To refer a friend, go to the 'Rewards' tab in your secure client area and enter their full name and email address. Alternatively, your friend can include your email address in the "How did you hear of us?" section of the application form. 

We also have an Active Trader Program where you can earn discounts on commissions (based on your trading volume). Your discount will depend on how many standard lots you trade each month - the more you trade, the higher your discount. View our Active Trader Program page for more information or email 

*See our Terms and Conditions here for retail and here for wholesale for full details on the bonus, and deposit and trade requirements.

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