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Market Opening Hours

Posted on: 01 March 2013 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: About Trading

Forex market opening hours are 24 hours a day and 5 days a week – outside of weekends and rollover. This opening time is based on GMT+2

MT4 Market open hours are detailed below:

Market Open = 00:01 MT4 Server Time (Monday)

Market Close = 23:55 MT4 Server Time (Friday)

These market opening hours correspond to the start of trading in Australasia, followed by Asia, Europe and finally the Americas.

Our servers are set to GMT +2 to match with the end of the trading day in the US – generally considered the close of the trading day. This means that when trading concludes in the United States at 5pm, the daily candle closes in Metatrader.

This time also corresponds to the beginning of Pepperstone’s roll-over period, in which swaps are applied to any trades held over the close of the trading day. During this time, trading is disabled for 2 minutes when Pepperstone and banks reset their servers and liquidity is very low.

As Pepperstone’s market opening hours are set to match the close of trading in New York, our server time may change if daylight savings hours change in the US. This means you should keep an eye out for notifications from us near the start of March and November – when daylight savings changes are likely to occur.