Trading as a professional

As a professional client you'll have access to higher leverage, exclusive account features and also qualify for our popular Active Traders program.

However, you will lose some retail client protections such as negative balance protection and leverage restrictions won't apply to you.

Apply or upgrade your account in minutes.

Key features

Relationship Manager
We’ll provide you with a dedicated Relationship Manager to look after all of your trading needs.
Increased leverage
Trade with leverage up to 1:500 on FX and 1:200 on Indices.
Exclusive events
You’ll be invited to exclusive events, where you’ll have the chance to socialise with like-minded professional traders.
Large size execution
Ability to place larger trades in one click.
Credit facilities
Offering greater flexibility (subject to approval).
Premium rewards
When you introduce other like-minded traders to us.

Professional account leverage

A professional account enables you more flexibility on leverage.

Professional leverage
Retail leverage
Up to 500:1
Up to 200:1
Up to 500:1
Other commodities
Up to 500:1
Up to 5:1
Up to 20:1

What do I need to be aware of?

Before applying make sure you consider the retail client protections you'll lose.

  • Negative balance protection won't apply to you.
  • We'll use sophisticated language when communicating with you.
  • We may assume you have the relevant level of experience when deciding whether our products are appropriate for you.
  • Leverage restrictions won’t apply to you.

Frequently asked questions

Start trading as a professional today

Apply or upgrade your account in minutes.

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