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Meet our analysts

Chris Weston - Head of Research


Chris Weston is our Head of Research and holds over 19 years of experience in the industry. A highly-respected financial services expert, Chris has supported both retail and institutional clients at IG, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, covering research as well as sales and trading roles. His extensive exposure to the FX, equities and fixed income markets puts him in a unique position to provide inspiring insights, research, ideas and risk-management strategies that support every step of your trading journey. Based in Australia, Chris is a well-known global media figure, regularly appearing on Bloomberg, Bloomberg Arabia, Channel News Asia and Sky News Business.

Follow Chris if you’re after informed analysis on currencies, political risks, macro events and cutting-edge trade ideas. Sign up to Chris’ Daily Fix today and receive news to your inbox before the European session opens.

Meet our analysts

Boris and Kathy - BK Forex

Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien are the Managing Directors and Founding Partners of BKForex. With over 33 years of experience between them, they’re widely known as the leading foreign exchange experts by a worldwide audience. Boris and Kathy are also regular contributors to financial television channels and news outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

Suited for experienced traders looking for research aligned to a comprehensive economic calendar. You’ll find their weekly market outlook in your newsletter every Monday.

Meet our analysts

FX Evolution

Tyrone Abela (Investment Manager) and Thomas Atkinson (Chief Technical Analyst) are the founders of training and research company FX Evolution. Their systematic research approach is based on both technical and fundamental analysis across a broad range of financial instruments. Their ‘Learn it Live’ webinars provide you with easy-to-understand analysis that suits all stages of your trading journey.

Suited for traders who want easy-to-understand analysis and practical strategies served up in regular fortnightly 1-hour webinars.

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