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Creating and modifying a layout (Webtrader)

Creating a layout

A layout is the way you have organised your trading platform, that is, the workspaces you have created and the particular panels you have chosen to display on each workspace. Just as you can create any number of workspaces per layout, you can create any number of layouts. (You may, for example, choose to display one layout when trading currencies and nother when trading commodities.) As you load a saved layout, the workspaces and panels currently displayed are replaced by the workspaces and panels of the layout being loaded.

Tip: You don’t have to save a layout if it is the only one you are going to use. But if you are going to use more than one layout, each will need to be saved with a unique name.

Note: In this procedure, the word ‘click’ refers to either a click or a tap.

1. Arrange your current trading platform in a way that you find useful (with the workspaces you need in place and the panels in each workspace arranged to your liking).

Tip: You can change the arrangement later if required.

2. Click near the top right of the window. A catalogue of current layouts appears:

3. Click Save Layouts As… The Save Layout As window appears:

4. Enter a name for the layout and click Save.

Tip: If you are updating an existing layout, click its name in the Layout List field. After clicking Save, click Replace to update the layout.

Modifying a layout

You can modify a layout by:

  • changing its appearance (workspaces, panels etc.) and then saving the changed layout (see Creating a layout)
  • renaming it  or
  • deleting it.

Note: In this procedure, the word ‘click’ refers to either a click or a tap.

To rename or delete a layout:

1. Click the menu icon near the top right of the window. A catalogue of your saved layouts appears:

2. Hover over the layout you want to rename or delete. Options appear to the right of the layout name:

3. To rename the layout:

a. Click pen icon.

b. Enter a new name and click or tap Save.

4. To delete the layout:

Click X.

On the Delete Confirmation message, click Delete.