Spreads, swaps and commissions

We use multiple liquidity providers and external pricing sources to give you competitive quotes and low spreads on a range of instruments and asset classes.

Our spreads

Spreads on our MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms are variable, with prices coming from many providers and sources to ensure you're getting the best price. During liquid times, our spreads can go as low as 0 pips on the EURUSD on our Razor account. Our minimum and average spreads are listed below:

Our swap rates

What is a swap rate?

A forex swap rate is a rollover interest (that's earned or paid) for holding positions overnight in foreign exchange trading. Swap rates are released weekly by the financial institutions we work with and are calculated based on risk-management analysis and market conditions. Each currency pair has its own swap rate and is measured on a standard size of 1.0 lots (100,000 base units).

Find out more about swaps in forex and how they're calculated.

Where can I find Pepperstone's swap rates?

You can find our latest swap rates on our trading platforms. Swap rates posted on our platforms are indicative rates and are subject to change based upon market volatility.

To view the rates on our MetaTrader platforms:

  • Select 'View'
  • Right-click on 'Market Watch' and select 'Symbols'
  • Choose the currency pair you wish to check and select 'Properties' (on MT5, please select 'Specification')

To view the rates on our cTrader platform:

  • Go to the 'Finder' tab
  • Type the symbol name in the search bar
  • Click the information icon next to the symbol to view its settings

Our commissions

Our minimum trading commissions start from AUD $3.50 each way on major currencies and from USD $0.02 per share when you open a Share CFD position. We offer standard, mini and micro contract sizes on FX to suit your trading needs.

    Overnight Charges
    Our overnight charge is a fee that you pay in order to hold a position open overnight. The charge will be applied to your account each day (including weekend days) that you hold an open position on Equity CFDs, Share CFDs and Commodities. Our overnight rates are set at the benchmark regional interest rates for the underlying product, plus (or minus) our fixed charge of 2.5%

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    Spreads calculated from April - Jun 2020. Gold calculated from April - Jun 2020.