Pepperstone Pro

Trading as a Pepperstone Pro

As a Pepperstone Pro (wholesale client) you'll have access to higher leverage and exclusive account features. However, you'll lose some retail client protections such as negative balance protection and leverage restrictions won't apply to you. Apply to classify your account in minutes.

Pepperstone Pro benefits

Maintain access to higher leverage of up to 500:1 for most FX products.

Refer a friend and earn up to AUD$5,000^ through our dedicated referral program. 

Margin close-out level at 20% on MT4 and MT5, and 50% on cTrader.

You'll be provided with a dedicated Relationship Manager to look after all of your trading needs.

Pepperstone Pro account leverage

A professional account enables you more flexibility on leverage.

InstrumentProfessional leverageRetail leverage
Major forex pairsUp to 500:130:1
Minor forex pairsUp to 500:120:1
Major stock market indicesUp to 200:120:1
Minor stock market indicesUp to 100:110:1
GoldUp to 500:120:1
OilUp to 100:110:1
Other commoditiesUp to 50:110:1
CryptocurrenciesUp to 10:12:1
Equities or other assetsUp to 20:15:1

Eligibility criteria

To enjoy all the benefits of Pepperstone Pro, you'll need to meet one of the following eligibility criteria. 

Sophisticated Investor Test1 Wealth Test2
Criteria 1

Demonstrate your knowledge by completing our short, online Knowledge Quiz
Criteria 1 

Minimum net assets of AUD$2.5 million3
Criteria 2

You’ve traded leveraged FX or CFDs 20 times per quarter for at least 4 quarters in the preceding 2 years with a notional value of AUD$50,000 or more


Work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position which requires knowledge of FX or CFDs
Criteria 2

Minimum gross income AUD$250,000 for each of the last 2 years3
If you’re eligible, it’s simple:
1. Log into your Secure Client Area

2. Select Pepperstone Pro in the top right-hand-side of the screen 

3. Select 'Start Sophisticated Investor Application'

4. Pass the Knowledge Quiz, and provide evidence of your trading experience or sufficient work experience in the financial sector
1. Log into your Secure Client Area.

2. Select Pepperstone Pro in the top right-hand-side of the screen                                                                                                                                  
3. Select 'Start Wealth Application'                        

4. You’ll be asked to submit proof of eligibility as certified by your accountant                                                                                               

What protections do Pro clients lose?

As a Pepperstone Pro, the following restrictions won't apply to you:

  • lower leverage implemented;
  • compulsory margin close-out at 50%;
  • retail negative balance protection
  • retail disclosure information

We’re not required under the Corporations Act to provide wholesale clients with access to our Internal Dispute Resolution process but we’ll still make this service available to you at no cost.

While you can still access the external dispute resolution provider Australian Financial Complaints Authority (‘AFCA’), you may be treated differently given your status as an experienced wholesale investor and your matter may be excluded at AFCA’s discretion.

There’s no requirement to issue you a product disclosure statement (PDS), financial services guide (FSG), and disclosures (although these will remain available on our website for you to review).

We may assume a level of knowledge and experience when assessing whether our products are appropriate for you.

The risks and other important information are detailed in the Wholesale Client Information Statement.

Frequently asked questions

Start trading as a Pepperstone Pro today

Apply for Pro in minutes.

^For more details on our refer a friend program for Pepperstone Pro clients, you can view the terms and conditions here.

1An eligible client that meets the requirements of the Sophisticated Investor test is someone who we believe has previous experience that allows them to assess:

  • the merits of the product or service; and
  • the value of the product or service; and
  • the risks associated with holding the product; and
  • the client's own information needs; and
  • the adequacy of the information given by the licensee; and
  • requests that Pepperstone consider my experience for the purposes of becoming a Sophisticated Investor as defined under 761GA Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (‘the Act’).

2Clients that qualify as being treated as wholesale clients pursuant to section 761G(7)(c) of the Corporations Act 2001.

3Accountants certificate - 2 year expiry