Index CFDs

Trade the world’s top companies in one instrument. Take advantage of 16 diversified instruments that reflect changes in the overall value of the world’s biggest stock markets - from the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Trade Index CFDs with us today.

Indices spreads and trading hours

Our Index CFD products are commission free - so you only pay spread and overnight funding costs. With fixed spreads* on major indices in the standard and after-market trading sessions you’ll see why our Index market offering will give you a trading edge. See our spreads and trading times below.

InstrumentTrading Hours (GMT+2)Spread (Pips)
AUS200 100:50 - 7:301.00
08:10 - 23:003.80
CN50 104:00 -11:3010.00 - 15.00
12:00 - 23.1510.00 - 15.00
All other hours24.00
EUSTX50 103:15 - 09:002.40
09:00 - 23:001.60
23:00 - 03:152.60
FRA409:00 - 23:001.00
GER30 103:15 - 09:004.00
10:00 - 18:301.20
23:00 - 03:155.00
All other hours2.00
JPN225 123:00 - 01:0030.00
01:00 - 02:3020.00
02:30 - 23:008.00
SPA35 109:00 - 18:305.00
18:30 - 21:005.00 - 8.00
21:00 - 09:0012.00
UK100 103:00 - 09:003.00
10:00 - 18:301.00
All other hours2.00
US500 100:01 - 01:001.50
16:30 - 23:000.40
All other hours0.60
NAS10001:00 - 16:301.90
16:30 - 23:001.00
All other hours1.40
US30 110:00 - 16:303.60
16:30 - 23:002.40
00:01 - 01:009.80
All other hours4.80
US2000 100:01 - 01:000.80
01:00 - 23:590.30
HK50 104:15 - 22:008.00
22:00 - 03:1530.00
VIX 100:01 - 23:590.10

- Index markets available for trading Monday to Friday.
- Spreads calculated from April - Jun 2020.
Instrument available from 00:01 - 23:59. Market opens at 01:00 on Mondays, closes at 23:55 on Fridays.

Why trade Index CFDs with Pepperstone?

Want to get in on market-wide price action and macroeconomic developments influencing stock market value? No time to research publicly traded companies and develop an individual stock portfolio? Trade our Index CFD products today and take advantage of the opportunities that global equities markets offer.

  • Global opportunities: Long or short, you can trade changes in the value of the overall share market without the need for individual stock analysis.
  • After-market hours: want to get in on the action of the day even when the exchange is closed? Trade with one of the few brokers offering extended trading hours on most of the major stock markets. 24 hour trading, 5 days a week.
  • Strategise: Hedge your portfolio with uncorrelated assets, with leverage of up to 200:1 available. Gain exposure to high performing industry sectors with our new Thematics products.
  • Lower your costs: low, competitive spreads on our major indices and no commissions. Trade with the confidence of fixed spreads* across sessions on the major index markets during normal market conditions.

Available Index CFDs

Our Index CFD products are cash market contracts which attempt to replicate the value of the underlying Index they represent. While they don’t derive their price solely from the underlying index, the index markets that our CFD products follow can be found below.

How does trading Index CFDs work?

When you buy or sell an Index CFD, you open an exposure in the underlying stock market that the Index represents. The performance of the Index itself depends on the collective performance of the companies which are included in that Index. If companies within the Index see a general appreciation in value, then the Index will also see an appreciation. Conversely, if the companies within the index see a general depreciation in value the Index will decline in value.

Index markets are quoted in points, rather than in currency terms. For example, the ASX200 might be quoted at 7000 points. This means that the collective value of Index points attributable to the top 200 Australian stocks by market capitalization add up to 7000. The value of each of these points is 1 AUD per point, so the theoretical notional value of the index is 7000 AUD for a 1 lot (1 contract) trade.

Indices trading platforms

We offer three powerful trading platforms which you can use to analyse Index CFD markets. Pepperstone’s industry leading MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms are available on PC, web and mobile. Set up your trading strategies and EAs plus conduct technical analysis on the PC and web versions with our Smart Trader Tools. Trade at any time, anywhere with our mobile versions while taking advantage of major news in the markets when you’re on the go.

Indices news & analysis

Our Head of Research, Chris Weston, and our Market Research team will provide you with the in-depth market commentary and insights you need to make informed trading decisions when trading Index CFDs. Subscribe to the Daily Fix for major news and events concerning the world’s major share markets and economies. Connect your trading account to Autochartist for in-depth trade setups and trading opportunity alerts, and use our Smart Trader Tools to implement your trading strategies.

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* Spreads may vary under extreme market conditions. Fixed spreads apply under normal market conditions. Pricing and spreads are direct from liquidity providers without broker intervention.