Currency index CFDs

Currency indices measure direct changes in the value of a currency against a basket of other currencies. This differs from a currency pair in that there must be more than one other currency that the main currency is being measured against. Trade Currency Index CFDs now.

Globally recognised as a benchmark for the value of the US dollar, the USDX is the most traded currency index and can be traded with us as a CFD with leverage of up to 100:1. USDX is most heavily weighted toward the major currencies such as the Euro, Yen and Pound - with 6 currencies in total making up the basket the US Dollar is measured against.

SymbolContract size per standard lotUsed margin per 1 lotMinimum spread (Pips)Average spread (Pips)Session times
USDX (US Dollar Index)100.001.00%100.00100.0003:00 - 23:59
EURX (Euro Dollar Index)100.001.00%100.00100.0000:01 - 23:59
JPYX (Japanese Yen Index)100.001.00%4.004.0000:01 - 23:59


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