Risk warning: Trading CFDs and FX is risky and if you are a professional client, losses can exceed deposits. Pepperstone Financial Services (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA. Arranging for Pepperstone Group Limited, AFSL 414530, the product issuer.

Index CFDs

Trade the world’s top companies in one instrument. Take advantage of 16 diversified instruments that reflect changes in the overall value of the world’s biggest stock markets - from the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Trade Index CFDs with us today.

Why Trade Index CFDs with Pepperstone?

Developed for retail traders, our index CFDs provide you with access to a wide range of global markets, enabling you to diversify your trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments. You can directly take advantage of the opportunities that global equities markets offer, and index CFDs are offered to all our clients without a dealing desk or commission.

Global opportunities

The world’s leading stock markets constantly change as the underlying publicly-traded companies of an index move up or down in value. This presents an exciting opportunity to trade on the direction of the major indices, by placing either a buy (go long) or sell (go short) order.

After-market hours

We are one of the few brokers offering extended trading hours, including international markets available in many different time zones. With 14 major stock markets around the world, you can take advantage of market movements in real-time as they happen.

Hedge your portfolio

Index CFDs are a great way to hedge other positions and with leverage are less capital-intensive.

Trading strategies

Major stock markets around the world can be affected by market movements in real-time. Our expert commentary and market analysis means you can make informed trading decisions when you need to.

Powerful platforms

We have three powerful trading platforms to suit your trading style: MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, and cTrader. Each platform is free and available on mobile, tablet, desktop and our web"app.

Available Index CFDs

Our Index CFD products are cash market contracts which attempt to replicate the value of the underlying Index they represent. While they don’t derive their price solely from the underlying index, the index markets that our CFD products follow can be found below.

Thematic Indices


Minimum trade size

Spreads from ($)

Contract Size per standard lot


Trade index CFDs with Pepperstone

Trading Index CFDs means you trade on the real market price. Our competitive spreads provide ambitious traders with global opportunities and all without commission. Find out more about our spreads or click below to begin trading with us"today.

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*Spreads may vary under extreme market conditions. Fixed spreads apply under normal market conditions. Pricing and spreads are direct from liquidity providers without broker intervention. Average spreads updated November 2021.