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Netting off positions (Webtrader)

When you have a hedged trade (you have positions for both buying and selling the same instrument), you can close a position by netting it off against an opposing position. This fully closes both positions.

The Pepperstone app and Webtrader are synchronised, so a trade fully closed in Webtrader will automatically be fully closed in the app, and vice versa.

Note: In this procedure, the word ‘click’ refers to either a click or a tap.

1. Click Positions on the main menu bar. The Positions panel appears:

2. Either

a. click arrows icon at the far right of a position you want to close by netting off or

b. right-click (or press and hold) on a position you want to close by netting off and select Close by Position from the menu that appears.

The Close By window appears:

3. In the Position ID column, click on a position to see what impact netting off that position will have on your margin. (The impact is displayed below Margin Impact when you select a position.)

4. When you have chosen a position to net off, click on it (if it is not already highlighted) and then click Close by.

Both positions—the one SELL and the other BUY—are fully closed.