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Enabling or disabling one-click trading (Webtrader)

There are two modes for placing an order: the default multi-step mode and the One-click trading mode. In multi-step mode you can specify multiple attributes of the order (such as order type, lot size, stop loss price etc.) before executing the order. In One-click trading mode, you click or tap on a buy or ask price and an at-market order is executed immediately based on a contract or lot size you have previously specified as your default value. This mode is recommended only for experienced traders.

One-click trading can be enabled only after accepting a particular set of terms and conditions.

Enabling (or disabling) One-click trading on the Pepperstone app does not automatically enable (or disable) it on Webtrader.

Note that ‘One-click trading’ is a general term referring to a simplified way of placing an order. The Pepperstone app does require more than one step, although fewer than the default multi-step mode.

1. Tap profile top right of the screen.

2. If profile is not visible, either tap < or close any secondary window.

3. Slide the One Click Trading slider right (to enable it) or left (to disable it).

4. If you are enabling one-click trading:

a. Read the disclaimer notice that appears.

b. To accept, tap the check box near the bottom of the screen

c. Tap Accept

d. Click OK One Click Trading has been enabled