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Does Apple's decision to remove MetaQuotes from its App Store affect me?

Update: MT4 and MT5 Return to Apple’s App Store.

Following a recent decision by Apple Inc. to remove MetaQuotes applications from the Apple App Store, both iOS Metatrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) applications are no longer available for purchase in the Apple App Store.

It is business as usual at Pepperstone for our existing MetaTrader clients; however, we are here to help with any questions you may have, as a result of Apple’s changes.



Are my funds safe and will I be able to access them?

Yes, your funds are still safe and fully accessible by you. Your funds have not been affected by the removal of the MetaQuotes apps in the App Store.

Does or will this change affect my deposits, withdrawals or transfer of funds?

No, your deposits, withdrawals and transfers of funds are not affected by this change in any way.

Can I still use my Apple mobile device to trade?

Yes. If you’re an existing client with a pre-installed iOS app, then you will not be impacted by this, however it does look unlikely that you will be able to download future updates. We have had team members here at Pepperstone upgrade to the new iPhone 14 and ‘transfer from phone’ rather than ‘download from iCloud’ and the MT5 app continued to work fine.

Can I still use my Android device to trade?

Yes, the apps are still available for download on Google Play.

Have the web-based versions of MT4 and MT5 been affected?

No, the removal of the MetaQuotes app on the App Store does not impact the web based applications in any way. It is business as usual on the desktop.

Can I access the MetaTrader 5 application through my phone browser, for a seamless trading experience?

Yes you can, and we have created this short video to walk you through how easy it is.

Can I still open a MetaQuotes account using my iOS mobile device?

Yes, after you have visited our Secure Client Area to create your account, you will be directed to a web-link which is mobile optimized for MT5.

Can I visit the MetaQuotes web-links directly?

Yes, if you already have an account you can. The MT5 platform is mobile optimized and you can access that here. Unfortunately the MT4 platform is not mobile optimized from a web-link.

If I registered my trading account through an Apple mobile device, can I still access it?

Yes, you can still use your account login details to access your account using an Apple mobile device, regardless of which device you have used to sign up for your account. This change does not affect your login credentials.

Does Pepperstone have other platforms I could switch to?

Whilst Pepperstone is one of the world’s largest MetaTrader brokers, we are also a multi-platform broker with a range of other platforms across Windows and Mac OS for desktop, iOS and Android for mobile and tablets and on their web app, WebTrader. These platforms include C-Trader, TradingView and Capitalise.ai

If you would like to talk to our team about any other platforms Pepperstone offer, or need any further information on any of the above, please contact us at support@pepperstone.com.

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