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Adding and modifying a chart indicator (mobile)

Adding an indicator to a chart

Indicators are statistics that describe a product’s past price movements and which may be helpful in predicting future price movements. Five indicators are available: Bollinger Bands, stochastics, RSI, MACD and MA. Each can be configured in various ways. For example, the period (or periods) used in calculating values can be defined, and you can choose to overlay an indicator on the price chart or have the indicator replace the price chart.

Tip: An indicator is not specific to the chart it is added to, that is, until it is disabled it will appear on all other charts you display.

1. Display the chart and tap indicators at the bottom left of the chart. The Indicators panel appears, listing the available indicators:

2. Tap on the slider for the indicator you want. The indicator is immediately added to the chart.

Some indicators are labelled on the chart, with various parameters shown in brackets beside the label. In the example below, the RSI indicator is overlaid on a price chart, its period and field parameters (14, HL/2) are shown in brackets, and its current value is highlighted on the vertical axis:

Tip: When an indicator has been enabled, the indicator button below the chart is shown with a blue dot to its right, as in the example above.

3. Tap on the chart to close the Indicators panel.

Modifying an indicator

1. Open any chart.

2. Tap indicator at the bottom left of the chart. The Indicators panel appears.

3. To remove an indicator, tap on its slider.

4. To add an indicator, tap on its slider.

5. To modify an indicator, tap the three dot icon at the right of the indicator. The indicator’s parameters appear. The example below shows the parameters for for RSI:

6. Make whatever changes are required.

7. Tap Save.

8. Tap on the chart to close the Indicators panel.