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Learn Crypto trading

Learn trading Crypto CFDs with Pepperstone and the team from FX Evolution. In this exclusive online webinar replay video, we cover everything that Cryptocurrency traders need to know when it comes to Crypto trading.

Learn Crypto trading

When it comes to trading Crypto CFDs, traders can take a view on their favourite Cryptocurrency through entering a position either long or short and while enjoying the flexibility of leverage. This can all be done without needing to hold onto physical coins, which are commonly purchased from an exchange (CEX) and also without needing to own a physical or hardware wallet.

How to get started with Crypto trading?

Getting started with trading your favourite Crypto CFDs is not as complicated as it might seem. Throughout this article and also as covered in the webinar replay above, we’ll break down what traders need to know and cover the benefits of trading Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Unlike physical coins that are usually purchased on a central exchange (CEX) or through the DeFi world and via a decentralised exchange (DEX), Crypto CFDs are products trading on a market that are available to trade after hours and even on weekends. What’s more, with Crypto CFDs you can enter a position both long or short and should you choose, with the flexibility of using leverage (depending on your location in the world).

You can get started with trading the world’s most popular Crypto CFDs by opening a live account or via logging into the Secure Client Area if you’re an existing Pepperstone client. Then all you need to do is fund your account and start trading via your preferred trading platform, such as MetaTrader5 or TradingView.

What are the popular Cryptocurrencies?

Pepperstone offers more than 20 of the most popular Crypto CFDs that are available on the market, which means there's plenty of potential and opportunity for traders to trade the possibilities, either long or short and with the flexibility of using leverage. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, and Avalanche are all available to trade as Crypto CFDs with Pepperstone and are some of the most popular Crypto’s in the decentralised digital currency ecosystem.


The original Cryptocurrency that started the blockchain and decentralised currency movement, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network where financial transactions are verified by what’s known as nodes, with all information recorded on a publicly viewable ledger, or also known as the blockchain.


The second-largest cryptocurrency offered as a CFD to our clients, with a market capitalization in the billions and getting huge attention from Crypto traders. The mechanics behind Ethereum are fascinating, but as an open-source blockchain, Ethereum has the major point of difference from its larger peer Bitcoin; flexibility. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum allows external access to its blockchain, allowing programmers to create smart contracts or DeFi Dapps, which are increasing in popularity in the world of decentralised finance.


Before Shiba Inu and all the other dog themed clones, Dogecoin was the original meme Crypto created by a pair of software engineers back in 2013. At Pepperstone you can trade the ups and downs of Dogecoin though our CFD offering and unlike the original physical coin, with Crypto CFDs you can trade the possibilities both long and short. Dogecoin is a fascinating Cryptocurrency that has captured the imagination of traders and investors the world over, is ever popular with celebrities on Twitter like Elon Musk and today has a market cap of more than 11 billion.

Trading strategies for Crypto CFDs

With Crypto CFDs, traders can trade long or short, meaning they can express a view on Cryptocurrency if the price is rising or falling and you can do so with a wide range of trading styles and trading strategies. Often at times Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be volatile markets and provide traders with potential opportunity when using a momentum or volatility trading strategy.

The same can be said for traders who prefer scalping strategies, as Crypto CFDs can be popular with traders who like to take a view on the small time frames and who don’t have the time to dedicate to trading longer periods of time, such as swing traders. However, no matter your trading strategy or style, Cryptocurrency CFDs can provide plenty of opportunity for you to trade the possibility.

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