CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 78% of Pepperstone Limited’s retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Risk Warning.

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Forex Trading

Edge Technology

The EDGE Environment is believed to be the most comprehensive, highest-performing portfolio of enterprise Forex Trading Technology for clients who seek to unlock unparalleled execution acceleration and reduced spreads.

EDGE Technology from Pepperstone

EDGE allows Pepperstone clients direct Interbank Trading via MetaTrader 4 – The world's favourite FX trading platform.


Up to 12x improvement in execution speed, Up to 10x latency reduction with additional optical fibre connections to Interbank Servers in New York. New One-Click MT4 order window for Ultra-Fast Trade Placement.


Pepperstone Price Improvement (PPI) Technology intelligently routes FX orders to detect market-hot spots and deliver optimal prices. Gain a complete market view with 57 Additional Tradable Currency Pairs. New Market Depth display in MT4 enables analysis of FX market order book and liquidity.


New Dark Pool Liquidity access and enhanced interbank connectivity means EDGE Spreads are tighter – delivering cost savings on trades for our Clients. Transparent and seamless access to the global currency market has never been more accessible to retail FX Traders than with EDGE.

EDGE allows Pepperstone clients direct Interbank Trading via MetaTrader 4 – The world's favourite FX trading platform. Other features Edge technology offers are:

  • Ultra Low Spreads
  • One Click Trading
  • Secure Client Area
  • Price Improvement Technology
  • 70+ Tradable Instruments

One-click Trading

Pepperstone have produced a new tool that enables One Click Trading via MetaTrader 4. "One-Click Trading" was designed with the speed sensitive trader in mind. In today's volatile financial markets, every second can count, and "One-Click Trading" can give you an EDGE in navigating them.


Lower Spreads

Aggregating Tier-1 Multi-Bank Liquidity from the largest selection of Banks using our Interbank Network in New York – Pepperstone is able to offer our clients the tightest Interbank Spreads and trading conditions.

Lower Spreads


Advanced Technology

Pepperstone - Superior Technology

EDGE brings together 10 optical fibre cross connects directly from Bank Servers to our MetaTrader Master Server – This enables lower latency trading and ensures optimal fills with slippage minimisation for our clients. EDGE has also been built with stability in mind combining state of the art computing power and redundant backup capability.



70+ Tradable Pairs

EDGE delivers 70+ Currency Pairs and has one of the largest selection of exotics offered in the marketplace.

Pepperstone - 72 Currency Pairs

Pepperstone uses competitive liquidity to stream 70+ Currency pairs including European Exotics such as EUR/PLN and Nordic-Asian Crosses such as SEK/JPY.


Market Depth

Pepperstone - ECN Market Depth

See Interbank Market Depth – Analyse the interbank order book to make more informed trading decisions. See pockets of liquidity and trade large lot sizes with confidence.

What is the Depth of Market?

Spreads in FX should always be considered in conjunction with depth-of-book. In FX, the larger the ticket size, the wider spread is. Depth of Market is a measure of volume available for transaction purposes for a particular instrument at a certain point in time. The best Offer (ASK) and the best BID are displayed in a table along with the capped volume available at given prices.


Self Service Client Area

The Pepperstone Client Area is a secure trading account management facility for EDGE clients. Our proprietary internet gateway allows you to manage your Forex Trading Accounts within a secure and safe environment, with advanced Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

With Instant Funding via Credit Card - have confidence that you can fund your trading account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Pepperstone Price Improvement (PPI)

In volatile, fast-moving markets, prices can change extremely quickly. If prices move to your advantage as you're placing a trade, our PPI Price Improvement technology can automatically fill your order at the more favourable level.

Step 01

You place a trade at the current market price through our online trading platform.


Step 02

The market price may move in your favour between the time the trade is placed and the time it is executed.


Step 03

Our Price Improvement technology detects the favourable price movement. If possible, your price is filled at the improved level. We don't requote - we just give you the better price.


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