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Candle Countdown

The Candle Countdown indicators shows traders either the time left in the current bar or a different timeframe selected (e.g. the time remaining on a H1 candle while viewing the H5 chart).


Download the user guide here: STT - Candle Countdown indicator.pdf

Chart Group

Designed to ease workflow in MT4, the Chart Group indicator enables traders to set charts of the same currency pair to a particular group. Whenever one of the chart currencies are changed, all charts in the group will update to the new currency. This allows for a faster and more convenient way to adjust charts across multiple timeframes.


Download the user guide here: STT - Chart Group indicator.pdf

Freehand Drawing

The Freehand Drawing indicator allows traders to draw directly on their chart. Simply hold down the D key while moving the mouse and users can illustrate on charts and make custom markings for important chart levels or events.


Download the user guide here: STT - Freehand Drawing indicator.pdf


The High-Low indicator enables traders the ability to view the high-low of a particular period (e.g. D1) on their current chart timeframe (e.g. H1). The indicator also has functionality to enable price alerts when key high-low levels have been breached.


Download the user guide here: STT - High-Low indicator.pdf

Order History

The Order History indicator can be a great tool for reviewing previous trades in MT4. This indicator plots the open and close of a particular trade with easily identifiable colouring of profitable and losing trades.


Download the user guide here: STT - Order History indicator.pdf


A widely used and important tool for identifying key market levels, the Pivot Point Indicator shows market pivot points based on the high, low, and close of the previous trading day. This indicator is customisable and allows clients the ability to set the pivot points to a time frame they require.


Operating on both live and offline charts, the Renko indicator overlaps Renko bars on top of normal MT4 charts. This indicator shows blocks overlapping price movement to ignore the time aspect of charts and focus in on changes in market price.


Download the user guide here: STT - Renko indicator.pdf