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Transferring funds between Trading Accounts

Posted on: 18 July 2014 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: Secure Client Area

When you have more than one trading account within your client area, you may wish to begin transferring funds between trading accounts. Transferring funds between trading accounts with Pepperstone is an instant process.

Once you've entered all the required fields, you'll be able to select the "Get Rates" button. The button will tell you the rate at which your funds will be converted if you have accounts in different currencies. If your accounts are in the same currency, the transfer will be converted at a 1:1 rate.

Once you select the "Get Rates" option, the rate of the currency conversion will appear and will be available for you to confirm for the next 30 seconds. If you do not confirm the transfer during this stage, you will need to request the rates once again.


Once the "Confirm Transfer" button has been selected, the funds will be instantly transferred.

Transferring funds between Trading Accounts can be important if you are running concurrent strategies at the same time.