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Possible Error Messages

Posted on: 21 July 2014 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: MetaTrader 4

In Metatrader 4, if something does not work correctly or act appropriately, an error message should be generated. Error messages generally show in the bottom right hand corner of your MT4 platform:

Error Messages

Some of these possible error messages are listed below:

Invalid Account: This means that the password or server that you have entered is incorrect. It will either provide you with an Invalid Account message or No connection.

No Connection: Invalid account and No Connection are usually one and the same. It signifies an issue in logging into your account. This is usually relating to an incorrect password or server field being entered.

Common Error: Caused by issues in network connectivity. The problem could be down to your antivirus / firewall or possible even your Internet Service Provider. Unfortunately as there are a lot of reasons that could cause this, it is best to trouble shoot the error by completing the following:

> Try temporarily disabling your antivirus or internet security
> If you have another computer, try it on there to rule out a PC issue
> If you have access to another internet connection, try that.

Should you be experiencing an error that is not on the above list of possible error messages, please contact