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Phone Alerts in MT4

Posted on: 02 October 2014 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: MetaTrader 4

As a trader you may not always be able to be at your trading platform. To keep you up to date with the market action you can enable phone alerts in MT4 so that you are notified through your mobile platform of when certain changes happen in the market, or when the price reaches a certain level.

1. To enable this in your platform login in and go to the Tools menu and click Options:


2. Next you will need to choose the Notifications tab and enter your Metaquotes ID. The Metaquotes ID can be found in your mobile trading app, under Settings > Messages. You can enter this ID in the field to choose where to send the alerts to. You will also need to enable Push Notifications:


3. Once you have tested the phone alert, you can create new alerts through the Alerts tab in the bottom left corner of your platform:


4. You will need to right click in the terminal and choose Create Insert in order to set up a new alert. Be sure to choose Notification as the action: