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Creating an Investor Password

Posted on: 21 July 2014 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: MetaTrader 4

An Investor password can be created that enables the trader to provide login details to another trader so that they can see their trade history.

This password is also provided to data services such as Myfxbook. Through these services client can gain in depth statistics to their trading behaviour and realistic graphs based not only on their balance of the account, but the equity as well.

While investor passwords are nowadays mostly used for third party service providers, clients can still provide potential investors or fellow traders these details in order to log into their platforms to check real-time trading history and performance. This gives the trader the peace of mind that anyone that has access through this password will not have any rights to impact the performance of the account.

In order to create your investor password, please follow the steps below:

Investor Password

  1. On the top Menu bar, select TOOLS > OPTIONS or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+O).
  2. Under the SERVER tab, select CHANGE.
  3. Input the current master password in: “Current Password” text field.
  4. Select ”Change investor password” if it is not checked already.
  5. Input the new investor password in: “New Password” text field.
  6. Re-type the new investor password in the second “Confirm” text field.