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Chartshots with Pepperstone cTrader

Posted on: 11 July 2014 , by: Pepperstone Support , category: cTrader

Taking chartshots with Pepperstone cTrader is a simple 4 step process. Chartshots are an easy way of sharing a snapshot of your current chart in just a couple of clicks.

To Take a Chartshots with Pepperstone cTrader:

1. Find the Chartshot icon in the tool-bar to the right of your platform, and click on it. This enables your mouse cursor to take a chartshot with a single click.

Chartshots with Pepperstone cTrader

2. Once selected, simply hover your mouse over the chart of which you want to take a screen-shot, and click once – the screenshot will be captured and will open in your web browser, and/or the folder to which it is saved – depending on your Chartshot settings.

3. Chartshot settings can be changed in the quick-links tool-bar at the top of cTrader. Clicking on the chartshot settings icon opens a drop down menu.

Chartshots with Pepperstone cTrader

4. In the settings menu, you can choose whether you want Chartshots to open in your web browser, in your file directory, or both. You can also access a list of previous chart shots as well as the folder containing them.