Viewing historical positions (mobile)

1. Tap Portfolio at the bottom right of the screen.

If Portfolio is not visible, either tap < or close any secondary window.

2. Tap History at the top right of the screen. A history of your fully closed positions appears (from latest to earliest):

3. To see details of a position, tap on it.

4. To search for a particular position:

a. Tap search icon.

b. Enter the position ID, order ID or symbol in the search field.

c. To filter the results by time period, tap , define the filter and tap Confirm.

Tip: A filter remains active until it is reset. A blue dot above the filter icon indicates that a filter is currently active. To cancel the filter, tap the filter icon and then tap Reset > Confirm.

Tip: The filter provides an option to display both positions and orders that fall within the specified time period.