Adding a stop loss or take profit to a position (Webtrader)

Adding a stop loss will automatically close a losing position once the price falls to the value you set. Adding a take profit will automatically close a winning position once the price reaches the value you set. Both a stop loss and a take profit can be added to the same position.

Note: In this procedure, the word ‘click’ refers to either a click or a tap.

1. Display your positions.

You can either click Positions on the main menu near the top left of the window, or click Portfolio > Positions.

2. Double-click (or double-tap) on the position you want to add the stop loss or take profit to. The Modify Position Protection window appears:

Tip: You can also display the Modify Position Protection window by right-clicking (or press and holding) on a position and selecting Modify Position from the menu that appears.

3. Select Stop loss and/or Take Profit.

If you have preconfigured protection order parameters, the values shown default to the preconfigured pip values; otherwise system defaults are shown.

4. For each option selected at step 3, click in the rightmost field (labelled Price in the example above) and choose a basis for the protection order: Price, Pips, Project. Loss or % of Balance.

5. For each option selected at step 3, in the field immediately after Stop Loss or Take Profit enter a price, number of pips, projected loss or profit, or percentage of balance.

6. Tap Modify.