Account Closure

Please note, once your account and profile has been deleted, this action cannot be undone.

Closing a trading account

How do I close a trading account?

Once you have closed all your open positions and you have withdrawn/transferred funds, you can email us at or message us on Live Chat and provide details of the account you’d like to close. We'll close that trading account for you.

How do I close all my trading accounts and profile with Pepperstone?

Once you have closed all your trades and you have also withdrawn all the funds from each account, you can email us at or message us on Live Chat stating that you’d like to close all your accounts and delete your Pepperstone Profile. We'll close all your trading accounts and disable your Pepperstone Profile.

Please note, that due to legal and regulatory requirements we may not be able to completely delete all the personal data associated with your trading account and Pepperstone Profile. We have legal and regulatory obligations to retain certain customer and account data for a certain number of years. Please see our privacy policy for more information.