Callum Thomas

Hear from Pepperstone Talks speaker Callum Thomas about charting and his framework to assess the risk to return trade-off.

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A top-down framework to efficiently assess the market risk to return trade-off

In his detailed presentation, Callum looks at a theory and practice piece: how to think about macro and markets, and then a look at some charts that lay out the current risk outlook based on that framework.

Who is Callum Thomas?

Callum Thomas founded Topdown Charts in 2016 out of a passion for his craft and a desire to make global asset allocation research easier to use. His clients are the key investment decision makers at institutional fund managers around the world entrusted in overseeing collectively trillions of dollars in assets for their end clients. Prior to Topdown, he previously worked in funds management, based in Australia and New Zealand. Aside from taking a global, "top-down", and chart-driven approach, he is staunchly focused on pragmatism and practicality when it comes to generating usable investment insights. Over 150,000 people follow his updates and commentary on social media, including the widely esteemed "Weekly S&P500 ChartStorm".

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