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Learn the techniques of algorithmic trading from global experts, LIVE on YouTube from 23 September.

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Watch the secrets of algorithmic trading LIVE

CodeFest, September-October 2021

Hosted by Chris Weston and the team at Pepperstone, CodeFest is a free, live streamed YouTube event where you can watch industry professionals use automated trading techniques and tools LIVE.

Event details

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DateWhoTime (AEST)Link
23 SeptemberAlan Clement15:00Subscribe now
23 SeptemberJames Roche17:00Subscribe now
28 SeptemberNick Radge15:00Subscribe now
28 SeptemberRobert Carver20:00Subscribe now
30 SeptemberQuasar Elizundia10:00Subscribe now 
(Spanish edition)
30 SeptemberSam Beatson17:00Subscribe now
1 OctoberLeandro Andrada07:00Subscribe now
(Spanish edition)
1 October Cesar Alvarez08:00Subscribe now
1 OctoberPedro Jose Crespo Flandoli10:00Subscribe now
(Spanish edition)
4 OctoberNitesh Khandelwal16:00 (AEDT)Subscribe now

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Join our LIVE algorithmic trading event, CodeFest, from 23 September - 4 October. 

Our speakers* 

Alan Clement 

Alan Clement is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), full time independent trader, quantitative trading strategy developer and an international speaker on evidence-based market analysis and trading strategy design. He is also a National Director of the ATAA.

James Roche 

James Roche is founder and lead programmer for TradingCoders, an online software company catering specifically to traders. In business since 2009, TradingCoders has helped literally thousands of clients realise their trading ideas into programmed form, as indicators, automated strategies and custom trading tools. James is also a partner in an emerging funds management company, Tribelet Capital Management. He is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Nick Radge 

Nick Radge is Head of Trading & Research at The Chartist (Australia) and Nick is a professional trader, educator and author who has been trading since 1985. 

Rob Carver

Rob Carver is an independent systematic futures trader. He also blogs, and writes books. He's written three books: “Systematic Trading” , "Smart Portfolios", and "Leveraged Trading".

Robert is an expert in quantitative finance, fixed income, hedge funds, trading, portfolio management, derivatives, trading systems and risk management. 

Quasar Elizaundia

Experienced Currency Trader with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Portfolio Management, Chart Analysis, Microsoft Excel, Analytical Skills, and Risk Management. Strong finance professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Finance, General from The University of Dallas.

Sam Beatson 

PhD qualified and experienced in deploying quantitative economic and social research methods across government and finance.  

Experienced in policy evaluation, design and implementation of advanced models, social research projects, and other policy and analysis products. 

A PhD engineer, Sam has a number of EA’s running, and is highly knowledgeable in MetaTrader 4/5 and building systems. 

Leandro Andrada 

Leandro is a Spanish Engineer that worked 15 years for banks and technological companies that developed robots before turning professional trader. He is a self-taught Technical analyst and Trader who has been actively trading the FOREX markets for more than 10 years.

Cesar Alverez 

Cesar has been trading since 1996, mostly stocks and ETFs. Cesar trades multiple quantitative strategies, both on the long and short side. The strategies are mean reversion, trend following and breakouts with average holds of a few days to a few months.

Pedro Jose Crespo Flandoli

Systems Engineer and Organisational Psychologist graduated from University of Azuay

President of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the University of Azuay in 2007 and President of the Student Federation of the University of Azuay in 2008. 

Nitesh Khandelwal

Nitesh Khandelwal is the CEO & Co-Founder of QuantInsti, and a Partner & Co-founder at iRage. 

Nitesh started his career in the Banking sector on the treasury side. After a brief stint in a proprietary trading firm as a lead, he co-founded iRage in Mumbai. He was the overall business lead for iRage till 2016, which is now one of the leading players in the algorithmic trading category in India. 

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    *These speakers are not endorsed by Pepperstone and any views they express are their own.