Pepperstone’s Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement 2024

  1. Introduction and Pepperstone’s commitments

  2. Key findings from Pepperstone’s 2022-2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

  3. Our commitment to action

1. Introduction

At Pepperstone we’re committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment and fostering a workplace culture that values diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect.

We recognise the importance of this across all aspects of employment, including recruitment and selection, remuneration, benefits and policies, flexible working, leave, and training and development, to promote diversity and eliminate the gender pay gap.

2. Key Findings – 2022-2023 Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Our Average Total Remuneration Gender Pay Gap is 5.5%. The industry comparison is 15.5%. WGEA considers between - 5% and 5% to be a range for employers to aim for.

Our workforce comprises 62% male and 38% female. With more men than women holding senior management positions contributing to the median gap. In management positions overall, there is a higher percentage of males (66%) than females (34%).

Median gender pay gaps show a 13% gender pay gap in total remuneration. This is due to more men than women holding senior management positions; more men than women are represented in the upper quartile of total remuneration (71% male and 29% women). Women and men are more equally represented in the lower quartile of total remuneration (44% women and 56% men). This is reflective of the industry comparison. A disproportionate concentration of men in the upper quartiles and women in the lower quartiles can drive a positive gender pay gap.


Industry Comparison

Median gender pay gap

by base salary



Median gender pay gap

by total remuneration



During the reporting period there was equality in our employee movements, that is: an equal number of men and women were promoted into manager and non-manager positions. However, a higher proportion of men overall (including external hiring) were appointed to management positions.

3. Our commitment involves the following actions:

  • We encourage and we’re committed to continuing to provide equal access to opportunities for career growth, professional development, and advancement, based on merit, regardless of gender. We recognise women can face more and different challenges to men in progressing in their careers overall and progressing to senior roles. We’re committed to ensuring our mid to senior level women employees, are invested in through leadership and high performance/potential programs and opportunities.
  • We will enhance our ongoing training and development to embed our Diversity Equity & Inclusion policy and raise awareness of gender biases, empowering our employees to recognise and address these biases across all aspects of employment within our workplace.
  • Continuous review and refinement of our policies and procedures is a priority to ensure they promote fairness and equity in all aspects of employment, including; recruitment and selection; regular remuneration reviews and analysis with benchmarking data; flexible working practices; leave (including shared paid parental leave) and benefits.
  • To promote diversity, we consider targeted strategies to attract applicants of a specific gender for roles where they are existing gender imbalances. For example, we partner with the social enterprise - Code Like a Girl to support their purpose to advance and educate women in the field of technology, and we’re able to advertise technology positions with the aim to attract and increase women in our technology teams.

Overall at Pepperstone, we have an incredibly diverse team locally in Australia and globally across 8 other regions; we’re committed to enhancing our inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives, where all employees are heard, respected, and empowered to contribute their best. Through the above commitments we aim to eliminate the gender pay gap.

Tamas Szabo

Group CEO

26 February 2024