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Premium client benefits

As a premium client, you’ll enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Priority client support
  • Invitations to premium events
  • Advanced market insights
  • Premium rebates
  • Advanced trading tools and VPS solutions

Bespoke service and support

A highly-skilled account manager will be appointed to work with you to offer premium client solutions and support to suit your individual trading style.

How to qualify as a premium client

To qualify as a premium client with us, we require you to meet one or more of the following thresholds for two consecutive calendar quarters.

Volume Per Month
$15m USD notional volume
$15m USD notional volume
$15m USD notional volume

Exclusive benefits

Advanced market insights
Access a range of expert trading resources and exclusive insights from our team of analysts.
Rebates, paid daily
Earn premium rebates, paid daily when you qualify for Pepperstone’s Active Trader program.
Premium events
Receive exclusive invitations to VIP premium forex events, seminars and workshops, private dining experiences and sporting events.

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