Smart Trader Tools for MetaTrader 4 and 5

The Smart Trader Tools package is a suite of expert advisor tools to help improve your trade execution and management. Optimise your perfect trading strategy, manage your risk and enhance your overall trading experience with 28 smart trading apps, including expert advisors and indicators.

Why every trader should use Smart Trader Tools

Smart Trader Tools is a set of expert-like tools designed to help you unlock your full trading potential. They’re easy to use, install and access and are exclusive to the world’s most popular, powerful trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Chris and Sam show you how to use their favourite Smart Trader Tools on your MT4 or MT5 platform.

Our favourites

  • Mini Terminal and Smart Lines - manage your risk like a pro with our most popular risk management tool
  • Trade Terminal with enhanced functionality - control all your trades from a single and powerful terminal
  • Correlation Matrix - master the ability to trade non-correlated currency pairs

What’s included?

The full set of tools, detailed below, includes sophisticated alarms and broadcast facilities, with up-to-date market data and functions integrated within the MetaTrader interface, to make your trading experience easier and more enjoyable.

Expert advisors

Alarm Manager
Notifications for trade-related events, changes in price action and more
Connect Feature
All the news and analysis you need in one place
Correlation Matrix
Greater insight when you view correlation between any trading instruments
Correlation Trader
Access in-depth correlation analysis across timeframes
Excel RTD
Use Excel to monitor, analyse and report in real-time market data
Market Manager
See market prices plus open and pending orders more easily
Mini Terminal
All the functionality of the Trade Terminal but on a single market
Sentiment Trader
Market sentiment ratings, including live and past data across markets
Session Map
A global map showing real-time pending market sessions, overlaps and more
Stealth Orders
Hide your pending orders from other market participants
Tick Chart Trader
Create charts for timeframes using a Generator EA
Trade Simulator
Test your strategy on MT4 with data and real-market pricing
Trade Terminal
A feature-rich professional trade execution and analysis tool


Bar Changer
Modified and editable offline charts available on MT4
Candle Countdown
See time left in the current bar or a different timeframe selected
Chart Group
Adjust charts across multiple timeframes
Compare the price action on different symbols easily
Gain insights into trends as well as identify range trading opportunities
Draw directly on your chart using this easy-to-use tool
Easily identify areas of possible support and resistance
View the high-low of a particular period on your current chart
Similar to Bollinger® bands, but the channel size changes based on ATR
Create a draggable, resizable sub-window inside the main chart
Mini Chart
See the price action on other instruments and timeframes
Order History
Review previous trades or plot the open and close of a particular trade
Pivot Point
Identify key market levels based on the previous trading day and more
This indicator draws Renko blocks on a normal MT4 time-based chart
Symbol Info
Draggable sub-window showing valuable symbol data

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